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Jun 04 2014

New General Permit Aims to Increase Agricultural and Urban Use of Recycled Water

On June 3, 2014, the State Water resources Control Board adopted general waste discharge requirements for nonpotable uses of recycled water. The general permit was adopted on a fast track, in response to the Governor’s drought proclamations, and is intended to streamline permitting and relieve new recycling projects from the potentially lengthy process of obtaining individual permits. CASA joined with its partners WateReuse California and the Association of California Water Agencies in preparation of detailed comments on several versions of the proposed order.

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Jun 03 2014

Cap and Trade Funding for Bioenergy Development

CASA submitted a letter to the Budget Conference Committee requesting the allocation of cap and trade funds to California’s wastewater community for bioenergy and related projects. CASA believes strongly that public wastewater treatment plants and others involved in the production of bioenergy should be eligible to receive cap and trade auction proceed dollars through the state’s budget process. POTWs be proactive partners with the state in achieving its many ambitious goals and mandates related to climate change mitigation and renewable energy.

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Jun 02 2014

New Video Released on Human Impact on the Water Cycle

The WateReuse Research Foundation announced the release of The Ways of Water, an animated video that presents an overview of the many human interventions in the water cycle and looks at the benefits of some key water provision options including Direct Potable Reuse (DPR). The video is an easy-to-understand presentation of the urban water cycle and water purification.

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May 20 2014

CASA Supports Recycled Water Funding in Legislative Water Bond Proposals

On May 19, 2014, CASA joined WateReuse California, the Western Recycled Water Coalition, and several other agencies and associations in highlighting crucial elements of a revised water bond and requesting that adequate funding be allocated to recycled water in any such proposal.

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May 19 2014

DOE & CEC Combined Heat and Power Webinars

US Department of Energy (DOE) and California Energy Commission (CEC) plan webinars for Combined Heat and Power for wastewater facilities.

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May 19 2014

Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA)

After six months of debate, Congress is expected to approve a new Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA) with provisions that provide for a Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) as well as 30 year terms for State Revolving Fund (SRF) loans. On May 15, the House filed the Conference Report to H.R. 3080. The House is expected to vote on the House Senate conference agreement Tuesday, May 20th.

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May 14 2014

CA Debt and Investment Advisory Commission (CDIAC) Webinar on Municipalities Continuing Disclosure Cooperation Initiative

On Monday, June 2, 2014, from 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM, the California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission ("CDIAC") will be hosting a webinar on the Municipalities Continuing Disclosure Cooperation Initiative (the "MCDC Initiative").

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May 08 2014

CBS News Microbeads Story

The City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation Operations Chief Traci Minamide was interviewed by CBS News on “microbeads", tiny plastic beads no larger than a grain of salt contained in face and body washes. This CASA member shared that her utility recently took their own samples along local water bodies and did not find any microbeads.

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May 07 2014

The National Climate Assessment

The White House has released its 2014 National Climate Assessment. This is a significant report that represents the launch of the Administration's stated intent to address climate issues if Congress does not. The report finds that "continued warming and an increased understanding of the U.S. temperature record, as well as multiple other sources of evidence, have strengthened our confidence in the [2009] conclusions that the warming trend is clear and primarily the result of human activities."

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Apr 28 2014

Senator Fran Pavley Presented CASA With a Resolution Recognizing the First State Event

At the inaugural CASA Public Policy Forum, Senator Fran Pavley presented CASA with a resolution recognizing the first state event. Senator Pavley is pictured with CASA President Steve Hogg (right) and State Lobbyist Mike Dillon (center).


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